We offer a full range of medical and surgical services at the surgery.



We operate at the surgery 5 days a week in a dedicated operating theatre. We have a range of drugs available for both full anaesthesia and strong sedation which we use to suit both the animal and the required procedure. While under anaesthesia your pet is fully monitored with a pulse oximeter and by fully qualified and experienced staff. All animals routinely receive a premed which includes a painkiller to ensure a gentle recovery.



Our K-Laser was an addition in May 2012. It is used to help in painful conditions and we have had really good results treating arthritis and back problems. It also speeds up the healing process and we have used it with dramatic results in fracture repair.



We have a new xray machine and the latest digital processor to allow us to get top quality results every time.



New in 2012 this will allow us to diagnose pregnancy and other abdominal problems more easily.


Blood Tests

We have both a haematology  and a biochemical analyser on site. This allows us to have results very quickly which is important in animals that are seriously ill. We also have full back up from a laboratory that collects samples by courier every evening for tests that cannot be done on site.



We have an endoscope which helps with diagnosis of conditions in the respiratory and digestive system.


Weight Loss

If you are worried about your pets weight we offer regular weigh ins and advice at no cost.


Telephone advice

We are happy to advise and to chat to you about your pet on the telephone but for a proper diagnosis Mrs Darling will most likely need to do a thorough examination.


Problem Cases

We are very lucky in this area to have several referral specialist vets reasonably close, so in the event that your pet cannot be fully treated at the surgery we can arrange for an appropriate referral.



Pet Service Vet


TEL:02392 178098

If your pet is ill or injured when the surgery is closed we use a dedicated out of hours emergency provider called Vets Now.

They operate between 7pm and 8am weekdays and from 12 noon on Saturdays through to 8am on Monday mornings. They also cover all bank holidays. You can phone them direct on the number below .

At other times when the surgery is closed leave a message on our answer phone and we will get back to you quickly. Only leave a message for an emergency and remember once Vets Now is open our phone is no longer checked for messages.

Vets Now are happy to take calls at any time through the night and are also happy to give advice if its not necessary to see your pet.


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